Visible Objectives

We are huge fans of objectives being front and center. Many firms we have worked with (initially) believe they have objectives, but when asked to show them, they are often rummaging around in email or desk drawers. Objectives need to be up front.

While shopping at Costco last evening we came across a whiteboard with the following entries;

This is what we call “up front and center”. The objectives of the membership team were displayed for every person in the store to see. That’s about making your objectives visible and obvious. (By the time we got to the board to take the photo someone’s five year old had found the eraser and was working the lower half of the board—it originally read “Guest Sign Ups, Goal 10, 8″.)

We do some research

We called the store this morning and spoke to a manager about the whiteboard. It seems that memberships are a crucial aspect of Costco’s growth and they need to be assured they achieve a certain level of upgrades, signups, and potential new members. In order to achieve their monthly targets, they break them down to a daily target, and then work the problem.

Be brave

How many businesses are brave enough to do the same? What would happen if you tried this? Be brave put those objectives up front and center. For an example of an interesting lady who has put her objectives “out there” see the 101 Objectives site

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