Dialtone Desperados

In a recently rumored jaw droppingĀ move it’s possible that Verizon will start offering a US$5 monthly phone line. It appears this strategy is a last ditch effort to stem the bloodletting in its landline numbers. We’re not sure why this would be important.

The Wall Street Journal reported recently that Verizon was mulling over the concept of the dirt cheap landline service. The catch? Seems like you can get calls from anyone (a telemarketer’s dream) and can call no one but 911 and Verizon customer service (not sure why you’d want to do that unless you are really lonely).

This has to be the work of a creative marketer. Has anyone run the numbers—you’ll earn 60 bucks per year yet the operating and overhead cost will make your payback sometime in the next millenium. One call to the customer service number and it will move the payback one more year further.

Verizon, about those landline customers you are losing…let them go and figure out the place they are going to…and get there before them.

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