Just The Facts Ma’am

We are factbook junkies. Almost any kind of facts get our attention. The latest gem to come across our radar screen is the Benton Foundation Broadband Fact Book.

Only the US—pity

This brief (29 pages) is packed with all sorts of interesting facts about the broadband market. The book is generally limited to the USA.  It does contain some world facts, but these are mostly used for comparisons to US numbers. In describing this document The Benton Group claims;

…Broadband – high speed Internet access – is the transformative technology of our generation. Access to and effective usage of broadband connections enhances individuals’, industries’ and nation’s ability to grow, compete, and succeed. Broadband helps businesses become more productive, governments become more accessible, students become better prepared and citizens become more engaged. It is an opportunity platform that is transforming how we work, live, play and learn.

Where do you stand?

If your company is providing support systems to broadband providers you ought to read this. If you are in the support system world and do not touch broadband you might read this and wonder why not? We give the Benton Foundation a silver star for releasing this.

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