Farewell Vertical

In a classic science fiction novel titled “Farewell Horizontal” the author, K.W. Jeter describes a world of network ubiquity. Data is accessed anywhere in a universal grid and is paid for in credits. One network for all uses—and no one seems to ever need to call their carrier!

A report recently released (PDF version here) by Deloitte looking at their predictions for Telecoms in 2009 is required reading for anyone interested in the global telecoms market.

One network

One of Deloitte’s most striking points is that they are predicting a one-for-all network model;

Following a model already used in Asia Pacific, governments may start issuing tender requests or licenses for single fiber network deployment. The majority of responses to these are likely to come from consortia, rather than individual companies. Though many consortia may include, or be led by, fixed-line incumbents, erstwhile competitors may now become consortium partners.

At first we thought this was a rather goofy prediction but on further contemplation perhaps they’ve got something here? While carriers would like us to believe that they have unique offering in their networks really what most customers want is unique services. While at one point we might have cared about the network elements what we care about now is ubiquity and unfettered access.

Who’s doing it?

Many markets have experimented with joint networks, why even in Canada we have a the Inukshuk experiment pitting two long standing rivals as partners. Maybe it can work?

OK, Let’s look at the Tarot

Deloitte also opines on the following topics;

  1. Smart phones: how to stay clever in a downturn
  2. Data ascends from the basement to the boardroom
  3. Digital communication loses its message
  4. The joys of disintermediation: why operators should embrace the application store
  5. Integration unleashes mobile phone convergence, finally
  6. Farewell mobile phone, welcome the wireless device
  7. The mobile broadband accident in slow motion
  8. The third screen goes dark: mobile television loses its reception
  9. One for all and all for one: fiber networks change the shape of competition
  10. Mobile termination rates in Europe: a cut too far or a cut too fast?
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