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Just The Facts Ma’am

We are factbook junkies. Almost any kind of facts get our attention. The latest gem to come across our radar screen is the Benton Foundation Broadband Fact Book.
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Farewell Vertical

In a classic science fiction novel titled “Farewell Horizontal” the author, K.W. Jeter describes a world of network ubiquity. Data is accessed anywhere in a universal grid and is paid for in credits. One network for all uses—and no one seems to ever need to call their carrier!

A report recently released (PDF version here) by Deloitte looking at their predictions for Telecoms in 2009 is required reading for anyone interested in the global telecoms market.
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Finally The Pursestrings Open

It was with some happiness that we saw that BlackBerry Partners Fund has joined BDC Venture Capital and Vertex Venture Capital in adding a $3M top up to what will be a &10M Round B investment in Neuralitic Systems Inc. This is great news for OSS and BSS in OHANL.
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Mamma Don’t Want No Network Manager

There are many reasons that SOHO and home networks are lagging so far behind the technological capabilities of the underlying hardware. Significantly that industry has been over burdened with a lack of commitment to standards (or most likely a proliferation of differing, partially implemented draft standards), complex installation processes, poorly implemented interoperability and a general lack of support for the ongoing operation of a SOHO network.
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How Easy Is That?

Last winter, after the mountain of snow that fell on Bleak House, SWMBO decided to try wintering in sunny Florida. So last week we went down to drop her off at the appointed location and set up the telecom technology. It was a no-brainer compared to our historical experience in TGWN
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Treat Your Telephone Well

To paraphrase an old Graham Nash song (Teach Your Children) of CSN fame. I was referred to an interesting video (Caution: contains violence against telephone equipment) of a TV host in Romania who threw a tantrum live on a call in program. Now I don’t speak the language and I suppose she was just plain excited about some great TV event, but do you have to abuse your telephone?

For those of us who grew up in the telecom industry we have unusual sentimental concern for telephone equipment. Anyone abusing it has got to have a ring-ground ;-)

Top Five Budget Pratfalls

Think | Act

One in a series of Leadership Articles to cause you to think and perhaps to act. Read other articles.

In our work we often get involved with budget review and preparation for small businesses. In many engagements we have been asked to review specific budgets and comment or provide advice and improvements. While there is no absolute formula to creating budgets there are some areas that seem to continuously creep into planning that can be avoided to ensure you get the best budget for your effort. Here are five areas that many budgets fail;
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Industry Conference Success Ratio

We have traveled to numerous communications conferences over the years and have observed both the good and the badly managed. Given the recent economic downturn it will be interesting to observe what happens to the main conferences scheduled for 2009. There will no doubt be increasing pressure on you to ensure you are attending only those top profile, high quality events. In that light we’ve gone out of our way to establish a measure of conference success.
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Shulist Scale Of Conflict

Think | Act

One in a series of Leadership Articles to cause you to think and perhaps to act. Read other articles.

Some time ago a few colleagues of ours were sitting around and talking with us about the various scales we have for reference. These include the Beaufort Scale (measures wind speed), Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness, The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale, and others.

Given our regular ill-informed state, and the fact that drink was on the table, we got into an argument over what makes up the four types of scales (it turns out that the four are nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio and you can read about them here). The argument ultimately led us to opine that there was no scale of conflict.
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