Trust Your Mobile Provider?

Over at Billing and OSS World they are running an interesting poll. Its asking about the degree to which you would trust your mobile provider to personalize information to you. It seems to us that this is a great question to open the debate about just what service providers are doing with our information. Over the next few weeks we are interested is seeing the results as the votes get tallied.

The service provider who knew too much

We’ve become increasing concerned about services who know way too much about. Certainly your carrier knows a lot about your habits, friends, locations and SMS correspondence. Web 2.0 applications are a further means of harvesting stuff that nobody should really know. Furthermore with recent service offerings such as Blyk in the UK, which is advertisement supported free mobile, we’d be interested in what those customers think. Given the age restriction on this service (must be 16 to 24 years old) perhaps they are less concerned about personal data getting appropriated.

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