Dear Palm Treo 680,

It’s over. It’s you not me!

I was a loyal Palm user for over 10 years. I’ve owned the following Palm products;

  1. Pilot 1000,
  2. Palm III,
  3. Palm IIIx,
  4. Palm Tungsten E,
  5. Palm Treo 650, and a
  6. Palm Treo 680.

I loved you long

I was a dyed-in-the-wool user and probably caused dozens of my friends to buy Palms when they were the only real PDA on the block. No, I’ve used other PDAs but really liked the Palm OS and they way they operated seamlessly with my desktop. I also appreciated the flood of third party applications which were well priced and for the most part worked flawlessly. Relationships change, however…

Beginning of the end

Our downfall started with the purchase of the Treo 650 (Palm, you goofs why not wifi?) which took me over a month to sort out all of the problems between the smartphone and my desktop. I struggled along with the weird behavior that you persisted in displaying while you were trying to be a phone. I put up with your lies about battery life (some of my earlier Palm devices ran for over a month on a couple of AAA batteries) and talk time. When I was finally at the end of my rope I managed to convince my carrier that I deserved a replacement since I could no longer use you. They gave me a shiny new Treo 680 promising that all would be improved with a new OS and many fixes to the failed Treo 650.

The middle of the end

Palm Treo 680 you worked OK for about a couple of months and then all those lies about battery life came back. You lasted only 5-6 hours on standby and less than 90 minutes of talk time. So poor were you that I secretly carried around my old Nokia 6110 as a back up. I felt I had cheated on you but you were no longer contributing to our relationship. I managed to arrange to have a charger in every car and every place I sat down near a power outlet to make up for your shortcomings. It was to the point that I had to recite a 12 step routine prior to leaving the office with you. Then you started acting most weirdly. You would attempt to hotsync every few minutes. You managed to drop my calls, randomly delete data and generally play with my head. Enough was enough! This was the last straw.

The end of the end

About three months ago I called tech support for the Treo (here in TGWN it’s Rogers) looking for a support group. I managed to exhaust their technical wizards and made an impassioned plea to the Palm corporate office. I did get a response and they assured me they would put their crackerjack tech person on the case. They did and he suggested that I do what I’d already doneā€”cold boot the device, remove all 3rd party applications etc…crackerjack also says to me that “if this doesn’t work we’ll replace the device”.

It did not work and they agree to replace the device or rather sell me a refurbished unit for $150 and about $50 for shipping. I say thanks but no thanks and recharge my Nokia 6110 and drown my sorrows while considering my options.


I have given you ten years of my life to you, of which the last three were sheer hell. I can take you no more Treo 680, and to all of your inlaws over at Palm, we are done!

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