Telecom Hall Of Fame

We are were rather embarrassed recently by a friend asking if we’d seen Canada’s Telecommunications Hall of Fame? Why no, we’d never knew such a thing existed. What with the demise of many of the Telephone Pioneer organizations it seems we’ve lost much of our telecom history. Gone are the days that in almost every telecoms office building there was some historical display managed by the Pioneers.

Telecom’s founding father

We had visited the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site in Baddeck, Nova Scotia in May. It is a great tribute to not only the man who invented the telephone but also a host of other inventions.  Well worth a visit.

What about this hall?

The Hall of Fame does exist and has since about May of 2005. It’s a non-for-profit organization (much like many telcos now ;-) ). It has inducted about 20 folks to the hall. I am astounded that there are not more. Alas the Hall exists only in a virtual world with almost no information about the inductees.

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