Carriers moving into Tech Support?

The press recently has been covering stories about various telecom carriers musing about moving into the space of the non-telco field technical support. You know, the likes of ‘Geek Squad’, ‘Nerds To Go’ and others. For the telcos this has really got to be a last ditch attempt at scraping up some extra cash from an already crowded market.

Would you jump off a bridge if everybody was doing it?

We heard, back in August, that AT&T was contemplating just such a move. A recent article in TelephonyOnline by Ed Gubbins comments on other carriers moving into the space. This seems like the brainchild of a bored marketing exec attempting to get some uptick in his ARPU measures.

Would they even show up?

We have had our share of technical support from many different telcos and ask if anyone would call them to fix problem computer at home or at a small office? We think not. It’s bad enough that they are almost impossible to get in contact with, let alone the old “your appointment is from 08:00 am until 5:00 pm and you need to wait around for our technician…” schtick.

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