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Intercarrier business information exchange for most of the history of telecommunications has involved mixed messages, delayed billing, dial routing, complex rate schedules and settlements generally involving copious amounts of alcohol. A trend we have been following for some time is the ‘neutral broker’ model for data interchange between Carriers.

One company, iXLink, a creation of Telarix, Inc. has been on the scene for just over a year. In July of this year they ground out their one-millionth transaction and have been generating a lot of press lately. It’s an interesting BSS model that has compelling economic opportunities (we think). The company claims that more than 150 carriers worldwide are now using iXLink. A remarkable feat given the short time they have been in business.

A couple of suggestions to iXLink; 1) Your website is impenetrable - could you give us OSS/BSS dweebs a bit more info? and 2) Ever think about a broader market of interaction? Huge numbers of smaller players need to talk to those 150 you have on board, but might like a pay-as-you-go model?

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