Support Systems Multiplying like Rabbits

Having cut our teeth in both the world of OSS and Convergent Billing we understand your pain. All forms of support systems seem to proliferate faster than the speed of profit.

Dredging up the past

The old adage;

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

lives large in the mobile industry (among many others). It seems to us that they should have learned from the wireline world. You didn’t have to be too alert to understand the problems of multiple billing & support systems and the creaking infrastructure that it ultimately causes.

Mobile Communications International is another one of those well implemented online magazines. Well worth the read.

We’ve written about this topic before but were again reminded of this today by an article titled “Billing: converging headaches“, at, the people who bring you the magazine Mobile Communications International. If you work in a wireless carrier any where near billing and or related support systems you ought to read this article.

Your action

Within the article you will probably see many items discussed that are real problems in your own company. Make a list of the top five problems that plague your company and swear that you will fix them in 2009!

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