FCC Ensures Life For Complicated Intercarrier OSS’s

In a rather surprising move (and probably mostly political, as it is election day!) yesterday the head of the FCC struck, from the agenda of today’s meeting, an item relating to both intercarrier settlements and the Universal Service Fund (USF). The former allows for a labyrinth of charges to be levied between carriers for access to each others networks and for the carriage of traffic. The USF was the means by which the FCC created its $7B war chest to subsidize telecom services in poorly served areas.

The intercarrier market has always been a hot bed for support systems, and suppliers in this area were watching this FCC activity with some concern, as the FCC was proposing to dramatically simplify and streamline the charges (read lower rates). The deferral of this decision is seen a bit of a stay of execution as many of the OSS’s in this area are generally complex behemoths. An article by Joelle Tessler of AP details the situation.

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