Invasion Of The OSS Domain Body Snatchers

Some of you may remember a company called Eftia OSS Solutions (order provisioning  & fulfillment, problem management, telecom circuit & asset inventory management, and telephone number tracking) which operated from 1997 through about 2006. The company was the investment darling of a number of high power VC firms who funded it to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. The company had a meteoric rise to fame prior to 2000 and then the orders “fell off a cliff” as James Bagnall said in his January 2006 article in the Ottawa Citizen.

Old news I know, but the remarkable thing I discovered recently is how someone from Estonia has commandeered the whole website that Eftia operated and is now running it as an advert. We were adding domains to our Telecom Search Engine and the domain popped up in a search as a live link. Being too curious for my own good I followed it.

The ad links are mostly from Google. It appears that the new owner of the domain has a copy of the original site dated about 2003-03 and is using it as it was then. Rather an internet version of picking over the bones of a skeleton.

You can view it in all of its dusty form here. Just keep in mind I do not suggest you click on the ad links—just browse the site. For those of you interested in the real background of Eftia you can view the company web history as recorded on the internet based Wayback Machine.

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