Do Not Call - Do Not Scam

Yesterday I received an email from a business colleague who normally is laid back and sedate. The email oddly was typical of a “clip and ship” email that he forwarded to a number of his contacts. The essence of the email was that the mobile industry was going to release the entire database of mobile numbers to telemarketers who would immediately flood you on incoming calls. I doubted the accuracy of the information but my friend is not someone who panics so¬† I proceeded to do some due diligence.

It turns our that the email contained two 800 numbers and the URL of the Do Not Call Registry in Canada. I resolved that the first number was correct and the website was also legit. Though in a number search for the other 800 number listed it turns out it was the site of a known scam.

P.S. 2008-11-26 Seems like the news picked this up here.

Doofus that I am, I deleted the email permanently before I thought to write this so I cannot show you a sample.

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