10 Things Service Providers Need

We pay attention to a small group of visionaries in the telecoms domain and Dr. Hossein Eslambolchi is one of those. We heard him speak a number of years ago when he was the CTO over at AT&T. So when he pontificates we listen attentively. In our observations he always had a special interest in OSS and BSS and often spoke of them.

Ten things

His most recent presentation at Management World apparently was  a big hit. If you did not get to hear his speech you can read an excerpt here in an article written by Rich Karpinski for TelephonyOnline and the video from the conference [about 42 minutes long]. If you watch the video you might want to get a PDF of his presentation here.

His point number 5 raises the interesting prospect of OSS’s that reach beyond the domain of the Telco. There has to be a market opportunity there.

Also there is an older interview with Dr. Hossein Eslambolchi here by ITU TelecomTV in Geneva.

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