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For about a month last year I got up to 10 calls a day on my mobile from some guy named Boris who wanted to sell me some moving services. Boris hung up every time I answered so we never did develop a close relationship. Now it seems I was not alone in being plagued by these idiot recorded calls. Read the story here.

Another TLD Landrush

Way back in 2000 Telnic proposed an interesting new Top Level Domain (TLD) .tel to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). It took them six years of fooling around with the idea and in 2006 they finally approved the proposal. Its taken another two years to get the idea to the market. Boy, the internet moves at such a rapid pace!
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No VC $ For You

A recent story by The Alternative Assets Network highlighted just how bad it is for both VC’s and their potential investments. Canadian venture investment in companies is falling to very low levels. With a 26% year over year drop in Q3 as measured against 2007 (a very low investment year also) it has to be concerning to fund managers and start ups in general. With about $1B raised to date this year it is off last year by 33%.

Bert Hill over at the Ottawa Citizen reiterated the bleakness of the situation in an article he wrote.
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Five Things I Wish I Knew Earlier in Life

Some time ago I was asked to speak to a group of students about my perspectives on work, business and life. I took the opportunity to review all those things I learned after I reached twenty years old (about the point I realized I did not know everything) and sifted through the list until I was left with five important things.
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10 Things Service Providers Need

We pay attention to a small group of visionaries in the telecoms domain and Dr. Hossein Eslambolchi is one of those. We heard him speak a number of years ago when he was the CTO over at AT&T. So when he pontificates we listen attentively. In our observations he always had a special interest in OSS and BSS and often spoke of them.
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BIG vs little

We just made an interesting observation in a news article that covered a recent patent award that Google received for a voice interface for search engines. Further, this was coupled with Google’s posting its voice based search application, Google Mobile, to  Apple’s App Store for the iPhone. As we are already big users of Google’s SMS search capability, it struck us as rather interesting to follow this to a future scenario.
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ARM Wrestling Ubuntu

Today a friend of ours pointed out an interesting agreement signed between ARM Ltd. and Canonical Ltd to use the Ubuntu operating system (OS) including the full desktop. ARM are the folks who build mobile processors with embedded operating systems, Canononical is the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu. These processors are used in hundreds of types of mobile devices (including our best loved and sadly missed Palm Tungsten).
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Support Systems Multiplying like Rabbits

Having cut our teeth in both the world of OSS and Convergent Billing we understand your pain. All forms of support systems seem to proliferate faster than the speed of profit.

Dredging up the past

The old adage;

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

lives large in the mobile industry (among many others). It seems to us that they should have learned from the wireline world. You didn’t have to be too alert to understand the problems of multiple billing & support systems and the creaking infrastructure that it ultimately causes.
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Do Not Call - Do Not Scam

Yesterday I received an email from a business colleague who normally is laid back and sedate. The email oddly was typical of a “clip and ship” email that he forwarded to a number of his contacts. The essence of the email was that the mobile industry was going to release the entire database of mobile numbers to telemarketers who would immediately flood you on incoming calls. I doubted the accuracy of the information but my friend is not someone who panics so  I proceeded to do some due diligence.
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Roll Your Own Mobile Network

I should have paid more attention to my prof when I was learning about radio systems. It seems to me that there was just too much to learn and, at the time, fiber was the leading technology. So it was with great interest that I heard that a radio system simulator was being released for free. A UK company, Actix, announced this last week. Actix you get a silver star for doing that! Normally they spend their time doing network optimization and performance engineering systems for all those frazzled wireless carriers trying to squeeze a few more bucks out of the ever more complex infrastructure.

What flavor do you want?

Actix has a number of products and they have released the student version of their Radiowave Propagation Simulator (RPS) which can model WLAN, WIMAX, Mesh, UMTS, CDMA2000, and LTE. Maybe all those G-Block spectrum guys could do a network on the cheap?

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