Shulist Group Releases Telecom Search Engine

Search Is Out

After months of research (and fiddling about with too much technical stuff) we’ve managed to complete our first public release of a Telecom Industry search engine. The search engine is highly tailored to meet the needs of many of our clients in terms of focusing searches to fall more precisely within the Telecom industry.

Scheduled Updates

For years we’ve struggled with the need to eliminate the dross that typically comes from regular search engines. That was the primary reason we stumbled upon the creation of this customized search. This application is being constantly updated with additional site locations and the tools used to keep the search narrow are being refined. We look forward to continuing our work in this area. We have released it with 70 sites and are planning to bring that total up to 100 within a short period of time—based upon our research we think we there will be about 500 relevant sites.

How To Get There

You can reach the search portal on this site , or by selecting the menu link search the telecom universe at the top of this page and by going to the public portal.


However you reach the search portal we’d like your feedback, comments and suggestions. You can contact us directly from here.

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