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Over the past five years we’ve been trying to convert everything we receive or create into digital form. It makes for easier storage, searching and retrieval. So it comes as no surprise that many of the magazine subscriptions that are availableĀ  to telecoms people are slowly converting their format, at least in part, to a digital form.

One magazine which over the years we have read regularly is European Communications. In the past couple of years they have done a great job of digital conversion and it’s worthwhile to browse over to their magazine site to read the current issue. We are suitably impressed by the features and functions that the online version of the magazine hasā€”scanning thumbnails, searching the magazine, and on screen page widgets are great. It has in fact embraced an online model so compelling we have to admit, we do not even get the paper version anymore. One tiny suggestion would be that the magazine be indexed by search engines.

If all online magazines considered a format similar to these folks the publishing industry might just have a future online.

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