All You Can Eat—Forty Loonies!

I love the proposed business model of wireless upstart BMV Holdings who recently bagged some of the G block spectrum at the recent Industry Canada spectrum yard sale. For just $52M they bought spectrum that most players did not want (few handset manufacturers build for this frequency) and plan to run flat rate service.

That network will cost how much?

Having lost most of my hair in trying to figure out how to control the cost of network build-out I am patiently anticipating their numbers (estimates put it in the C$125-170M range, which in my experience is low). Overall the business plan seems at least plausible. They are backed by a number of VC firms with deep communications experience, some of whom I have personally worked with. From the business perspective these VCs are not patient for a long time so BMV better have its ducks in a row and deliver on its investor expectations.

Pineapple cans connected with string

CEO Alek Krstajic (ex Bell Mobility) was quoted in a Forbes:Reuters release as having said;

“If you’re a customer who wants a smartphone and you want a camera on it and do Web browsing and downloads and videos and all the rest — go to Rogers, go to Bell or go to Telus,” Krstajic said. “We’re not for you.”

Might want to get your PR hack to polish up that quote so that prospective customers will feel that they can actually talk on the phone…

OSS and BSS opportunity - non-integrated need not apply

Implicit in how they plan to operate is extreme cost and network control. This will only be done by having tightly integrated OSS and BSS capabilities. Anything less and they will run the cost off the rails.

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