Buzzword Buzzoff

Memo to: Ministry of Buzzwords

Subject:   Just stop it!

Recently I was listening to a radio broadcast where some management guru was espousing on his latest suggestion to all those who are deep into employee leadership. He was rattling on about how it is so bad to give employees feedback as its focus is so last week. So he recommended that we all use his latest suggestion called (wait for it) feed-forward!

Wow, was I enlightened. In my humble world I would have called that setting objectives and expectations which, in my experience, is best done by offering suggestions for achievements and altering behaviours. What’s with these folks that need to create new buzzwords for stuff we already have words for?

As a consultant I know it is important to differentiate your unique process or service offering, but creating buzzwords is just not the way to do it. Now feed-forward is not a new buzzword, but it is one that we should have dropped from our language, at it relates to leadership, a long time ago.

I don’t know about you, but I have reached my tolerance limit for buzzword creation.

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