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Managing the Insanity of Travel

Isn’t travel great? I just came back from the UK and everything on the trip went according to plan but nevertheless I was subjected to the following:

  • Enter all passport information from home only to be told that it was not available at check-in desks - grrrr!
  • take my shoes off at security even though they contain absolutely no metal
  • Remove my belt even though it’s obvious that it’s again, non-metallic
  • Be asked why I have 5 separate chargers (phone, laptop, camera, MP3, and GPS) — think about saying something about @#$%F&^% manufacturers who cannot choose one DC voltage for all equipment. Keep mouth shut, smile.
  • Have the inspector fully open my fountain pen and gets ink all over his hands - he asks “what is this black stuff in this pen”? Duh its, like, an old school pen. “Cool” says he.
  • The pilot decided to fly the plane in second gear, so it takes 1-1/4 hours longer. He saves a few bucks but cost the 300 people on board an hour out of their lives

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DIY Spring Cleaning

Leaders are created from within

What you become as a leader is a direct result of the focus and effort you put into your own personal development. Here are five things you can do now to improve your chances of being a successful leader. Take the initiative and do-it-yourself.


Re-assess your planning effectiveness. Once each weekend sit down for 20 minutes and review your important plans for the coming week. Focus on highlighting your long term objectives and the important things in your horizon. Starting on Monday, at the end of each day, take 10 minutes to repeat this process until Thursday looking forward to the next day.The cumulative effort takes only one hour weekly but you’ll gain at least 4 hours more of productive time if you keep your eye on the plan regularly and routinely.
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