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Begin Again—Again

Creating your future, one year at a time

The turn of a new year has always been a time to consider change. Whether you are making personal resolutions, floating a new company budget or getting yourself and your subordinates to deliver a new set of objectives, this cusp of the calendar has been a significant influence on the cycle of change since time immemorial.

There is no magic about the start of a new year, mostly it’s about being able to demark the past and focus on your clean version of the future. There is something refreshing about being able to drop a bit of last year’s baggage, toast a few past achievements and then have a blank canvas in front of you. When I used one of those big, paper-filled, briefcase-sized, planners I would even be refreshed by the smell of all that new paper. Today I have to be satisfied with the electronic glow of a blank calendar.
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