Shulist Group is a consultancy that is focused on developing and enabling leadership within the communications industry. Our customers have been service providers, OSS and BSS vendors, and venture capitalists (wishing to invest in either providers or vendors). We provide our clients with appropriate and objective knowledge to support their actions. Our value, as consultants, is demonstrated by enabling change through leadership. We believe that our clients are most successful when they lead their organizations through business change.


The most effective way of taking notes and getting things done? Read our view of how to maximize your effort.

We deliver services in three critical areas:

We assist our clients to understand, develop strategy, define key results areas, and achieve key business objectives in these important areas. We understand their perspective, delve into their concerns, and consider every aspect of the problem from their underlying leadership strengths, appropriate business processes, change management and even to the merits of various technologies.

We take the time to understand their needs, and then recommend solutions that deliver tangible value to the enterprise. We further assist them in developing strategies and actions that move their business forward, providing knowledge transfer and operationally equipping them to succeed.

Industry Monitor

Our work has taken us around the world and we are familiar with many diverse aspects of the communications industry including wireline, wireless, broadband, and more generally, information technology.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in many areas of the communications industry and provide specific services in the area of Product Research, Service Analysis and Strategy. You can read about this on our blog or access our industry datasearch here.

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